Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kohls Shopping

We haven't been traveling much lately and when we have, we've gone back to places we knew were pet friendly. Today, I decided to see how Kohls would accept Seymour in their store. To make him a little cuter, I dressed him in his "Good Dog" tee. How could anyone deny entry to a self-proclaimed "good" dog? You're thinking that they did, aren't you? Well, when I asked if he could come in the store, there were 2 girls working check out. One say "Oh, yes" immediately and the other didn't appear to be sure. I went with the "Oh, yes" answer and carried Seymour throughout the store for close to an hour. I passed many sales associates and even had to go to the customer service counter and no one said we had to leave, but then no one was exceptionally friendly toward Seymour. So, I'm going to count Kohls as "pet friendly" but I would recommend checking at each store. I'm not sure there is a national policy. This Kohls was in Kyle, Texas.

Now the Kohls shopping carts aren't conducive for holding pets, but I have found that at least 2 stores asked me not to put him in their shopping carts - probably due to the worry of people complaining about dog hair - and I understand that. But they did say I could carry him around. I have also been told at Ace Hardware that he was not allowed to walk. Again, good information.

This time, as I was carrying him, about a 1/2 dozen customers stopped to either pet him or talk to me about their pet. I did not go into the dressing room but I don't think that would have been a problem.

After all the time we spent shopping, Seymour knows he gets a treat of taking a long walk all around the parking lot. As you can see, a long day or shopping, being held, and walking tired him out.

I am always so happy to discover more pet-friendly places to go with Seymour. We'll keep you posted on other pet-friendly and not-so-friendly places we find.