Thursday, June 17, 2010

Opal Divines

While shopping in Austin a few days ago, I decided to stop for lunch and had Seymour with me. My first thought was Opal Divine's. They have a sign at the entrance allowing people with "four legged" friends to enter through the patio. It was exceptionally hot already but they had large fans and misters covering the patio so it was comfortable.

As soon as I sat down, they brought my menu and an extra large bowl of water with ice cubes for Seymour. If the bowl had been empty, Seymour could have used it to take a nap. If you notice from the picture below, I happened to have a Christmas towel with me - in June!

Of course I ordered something we could share - a really good turkey Reuben with real sliced turkey, and something I didn't share, their excellent french fries. To me, their french fries are one of the two best in Austin. The others are at Hyde Park Bar and Grill, but I'm not sure Hyde Park is pet friendly - I'll have to check.

Seymour is not an "ice cube" dog but since it was so hot, the ice melted quickly and he enjoyed periodic drinks between his bites of turkey. It was a relaxing lunch for both of us.

If you are ever in Austin, Texas with your dog, stop in at Opal's - and try the fries!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pet Tips for Hot Summer Days

It's getting hot here in Texas and I've been looking for tips to keep Seymour comfortable on our walks.

1. Water - obviously. I found a smaller version of the pet water bottle. I have to say it feels a little cheaply made but so far has worked. It's the one piece bottle and troth that makes it simple to pour Seymour a quick drink. This version has a little cord attached instead of the belt clip. I think I will change out the cord to put on one long enough that I can carry it over my shoulder like a purse.

2. Wet neck-kerchief (my new word). Drench one and wring it out and tie it around your pet's neck. It works just like it does with us. It adds a bit of coolness to their bodies and I'm sure feels great if a slight wind is blowing.

3. Brush your pet before you go out. Getting the loose hair off of your pet and fluffing the hair up a little will allow more air to get to their body. I can't imagine walking around in a fur coat in 100 degree weather but Seymour still wants his walks!

4. Carry a portable fan. I have 2 kinds; one is on a long string and I can carry it around my neck. It's small and battery powered but it gives a bit of a breeze that helps cool Seymour and me a little. The other is a fan that is attached to a small spray bottle that gives off a nice moist breeze. Unfortunately, it's a little bigger so I mostly use that one while we're in the yard. I also have to be careful because I use a spray bottle of water to deter Seymour from barking so I don't want him to start enjoying the spray!