Saturday, January 30, 2010

More Pet-Friendly Stores

I have found that most of the independent-owned stores that don't sell food products seem to be open to allowing pets in their shops. Because Seymour is only 7 pounds, I always ask and usually just carry him. I'm starting to get a strong right arm, thanks to my 7 pound weight lifing and carrying.

I totally forgot about how pet-friendly Half-Price Books is. They actually invite your pet to come in with you - and they can walk, not just be carried. I love that store!

This week I went into Best Buy and they allowed Seymour to come in as long as I carried him. I think it would probably be more difficult to get into stores with a larger pet.

I also have had to get work done on my various vehicles and went to get the oil changed, went to a car dealership and to Discount Tire - all were fine with Seymour walking through their shops and sitting in the waiting room.

Feel free to share other names of places of business that allow pets.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shopping With a Pet

I like to take Seymour with me as much as possible. The stores I've found that allow pets include:
Home Depot
Garden Ridge Pottery

Some other stores I go into, I will ask if pets are allowed. Often they are - with stipulations. For example, TJ Maxx in Austin, TX allowed me to bring Seymour into the store as long as I carried him and didn't put him in the cart. Ace Hardware used to allow pets but last year put a sign up saying "no pets". I don't know why.

Sometimes one just doesn't have a choice. It's too hot in the car or it may not be a safe neighborhood. So, in an emergency, I have put Seymour in his purse/carrying bag and gone into convenience stores or drugstores to quickly purchase things.

I believe that well-behaved pets should be allowed in most shops. I can understand size limits on pets due to possible damage to merchandise or having to not put them in a cart because people may be grossed out by the possibility of dog hair. To me, if a place is pet-friendly, I'm going to frequent it more and purchase more from them.

I'd love to know about other stores / chains that are also pet friendly.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pet Friendly - Rolling Hills Casino

I know it seems that I talk about Casinos a lot but I do notice them when I'm traveling - and sometimes stop in to lose some nickels. I was driving from Sacramento to Redding, CA a few months ago and noticed a Casino along the the highway, I think it was I-10. I usually have no time to stop, but I happened to notice a sign that said "Free Pet Boarding" and that piqued my attention. I made a quick stop to check it out.

I found out that they have a separate building where the pets stay - and it is free. The only problem is that they keep them in cages. I guess that is easiest since otherwise they would need your pet's immunization records and I'm sure not everyone carries them - except those that have read my blog!

The woman pointed me in the direction of the pet storage building - I mean pet lodge and I drove around looking for it. I didn't have time to go in but it is nice to know that there is a place where your dog can be safe for a few hours while you have your fun - or your meal.

I have heard that there are many more Casinos that have the same or similar service but this was the first time I actually saw it for myself. Seymour hasn't been in a cage - except his crate - since I rescued him so I'm not sure I'm ready to do that. But I think it is a needed service for pet-owners so it would be worth checking out.