Saturday, January 21, 2012

Thundershirt Review - Update 2/8/12

My dog Seymour was more stressed than ever with the fireworks on New Years Eve. He shook and tried to hide but couldn't find a place to go. I could not calm him down. After that, when he heard something like a car backfire, he would go into his shaking and hiding routine again. A friend told me about the Thundershirt. I found one on Amazon and purchased it. Seymour is about 6 1/2 pounds and I got the X Small and it fits well.

I did have to look at the pictured instructions to be sure I got it on right, but once I figured it out, I could do it again easily. The next time he heard a pop noise that got him shaking, I put the shirt on him. He laid down but didn't look relaxed. We have used it a few times since and he got more and more comfortable and less stressed each time he wore it. It is almost like a cumulative effect on him. We haven't had a bad storm yet - this is Texas, home of the hottest 2011 ever - but I am actually looking forward to seeing how it works for him. I'm not sure why my pictures are so small but the first is the package the shirt came in and the one below is Seymour relaxing in his shirt. I will update when we have a real reason to use the shirt. So far, I am glad I purchased it.

Update - We finally had a big storm and Seymour was put in his Tundershirt. He continued to shake and was stressed so I held him. He slowly quieted down a little. I would say that the shirt helped him get about 20% calmer than he would have been without the shirt. I will continue using it as we (hopefully) get more storms to see if it starts calming him more.

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  1. Hi Susan, we just came across your review and wanted to say thank you for taking the time to write such a nice review! We are so glad you and Seymour are loving your new Thundershirt:)

    Thanks again,
    The Thundershirt Team