Friday, February 17, 2012

Seymour and his Surgery

A relatively common small dog issue is a luxating patella. Our vet said that when he started walking on 3 legs about 30% of the time, it meant that he probably would need surgery. He wasn't quite up to 30% but he wanted me to carry him more - and he is 7 1/2 years old, so it was time.

Seymour had his surgery on Monday and since he was going to be sedated, I also had them clean his teeth and clip his nails. I'm sure when he woke up, he was thinking "What the heck hit me?". He is on pain meds and an antibiotic and will go back in 2 weeks to get his stitches removed. Here is a gross picture of his leg - back, driver side :)

He was pretty out of it the first 2 days but would still go to the bathroom outside when I carried him out. I think he is holding "number 2", although I saw him go once, because it is a difficult position to get into with only one back leg. TMI?

The first morning after surgery, Zooey jumped in his bed with him and I heard the worst screech. She has quickly learned that she can sleep beside his bed, but not in it. I do think she is confused. She has only lived with us less than 3 weeks so I hate to see her worrying about him.

Today, Seymour has been whining and I can't figure out what he needs. I have brought him water, fed him his dog food on a spoon (so he wouldn't have to get up), taken him outside and given him his favorite treat, and nothing is working. I took that picture of his wound and sent it to the vet to see if he needs to come in, but I haven't heard back yet. And of course it is almost weekend, so if he needs any medical attention, he will have to go to the expensive emergency vet. I will be happy when he passes the 2 week mark and I can start doing physical therapy on that leg. I am missing my sweet little Seymour. But I was out at my own doctor's appointment yesterday and when I came home both Seymour and Zooey were waiting at the door for me. I was surprised and delighted.

For now, this is Seymour's primary position:

I know that it won't be long before my frisky travel companion is back to normal and ready for another trip - this time with his little pesky sister. I can't wait!

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