Sunday, May 27, 2012

I have no affiliation with this dealership except for taking my car in for maintenance, etc. In the past, I always took Seymour with me and the staff was always friendly with us. This last time, I took Seymour and Zooey and I wasn't sure how they would handle 2 dogs in their waiting room.

The staff was equally as friendly with us. More people talked to me, or at least my dogs than they do when I am alone. Maybe my dogs are dressed better than I am normally? Or maybe they just have a lot of dog lovers working there. One person does have a statue of a life sized dog in their office doorway. I haven't checked to see if it barks when you walk by.

It is so nice to go places where pets are not only allowed, but welcomed. It makes the long wait for my car a little more pleasant.
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Location:San Marcos Toyota

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  1. Seymour and Zooey look so cute! and well behaved! That is why they are welcomed. It's the people who let their kids run wild that make it bad for everyone else. I know I said "kids" ..dogs.... kids....whatever.mary