Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Shopping With The Dogs

Earlier this year my daughter bought me a pet stroller. I must say I was a little embarrassed to use it - at first. But it has come in very handy, especially at this time of the year. Seymour and Zooey go with me as much as possible. They enjoy the outings because first, they like to be with me but more importantly, they like to have new ground to sniff. They know I always take them for a walk after we shop. Often I carry Seymour in the sling and Zooey is in my arms, resting on Seymour.

That works fine most of the time but for the holidays especially, I need 2 hands to shop.
So, I have been bringing the stroller with me and have been surprised at the number of people who asked where I got it. Some said they had old dogs that couldn't walk well anymore and some just thought it was "cute". Many did a double take expecting to see a baby and instead they saw 2 dogs peaking out! I always like when that happens :)
For Christmas, I added some decorations to the stroller. Both dogs fit in it with room to spare. As you can see in the picture below, Seymour takes the front while Zooey is squeezed in the back. She doesn't seem to mind.

I am surprised how much I have been using this. I took them in JCP, Best Buy, Ace Hardware and TJ Maxx with no problem. Maybe as more places see that dogs aren't always a problem, they will loosen their "no dogs" restriction. I am a big believer in allowing dogs that are in carriers in most places. In carriers, they can't pee on things, or nip at anyone and they usually elicit more positive comments than negative. Little by little, I hope we can be a more dog friendly country.
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