Sunday, August 31, 2014

Trip to the Eastern USA

The dogs and I have taken some short trips over the past year that I did not post - laziness. But, if all goes well, tomorrow we are embarking on a longer trip in the camper. The dogs both know something is going on, but they don't know what. Their "mom" is not following her normal routine, which had included having them cuddle next to me while I watch TV and play on my computer. Nice life, huh? I am starting to pack and clean the camper. On my last little trip, I asked my camping companion if he could figure out why my roof vent wasn't going up. I found out that the vent cover was missing. I don't have any idea how that happened, except that I 'm pretty sure it was my fault. So, with a little research, i found out that the vent cover has a life time warranty! Seriously, my camper is a 1997 Roadtrek but they still sent me a new one. It is now attached and except for still not having working dashboard lights and having wobbly side mirrors, we are almost ready to go. Zooey and Seymour are good travelers and great companions. They do not complain about any of my choices of places to visit. We don't have our route mapped out yet. We might go south along the Gulf or we may go through central USA. Either way, it should be an adventure! I will write and post when I have wifi. The dogs and I have taken some short trip over the past 6 months that I didn't post - thanks to laziness. But, if all goes well, we will be embarking on a longer trip this week.


  1. Looking forward to it!


    Wish there was a Like button on the blog.

    1. Me too! There might be a button but I don't know where it is. I just learned to put pictures back on my blog!