Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Final Thoughts on Our Trip

I felt that I had almost everything I needed for Seymour on this trip. I was especially glad I had the Purse/Carrier because it did come in handy a few times. I used the bungee cord quite a bit. When I pulled into my camping site, I always tied Seymour to the van door handle or a close tree while I set up the camper.

What I should have brought, although I know I could have purchased some, were the Pet cleaning Wipes that I could have done a quick wipe down of Seymour. He always seemed to find something to roll in while I was setting up the camper. For a few days, I thought I was the one who stunk, even after I had taken a shower. Then I realized that since Seymour was always around me, I was smelling him. I had a Wet Wipe and used that but next time I will bring Doggie Wipes.

I also read in a AAA book that you should bring a picture of your dog in case they get lost. I think that is a great idea. In fact, possibly printing the picture on the top of a sheet of typing paper with the basic info about his under it would be an even better idea.

For now, the next few blog entries will be about Pet Friendly places near home.


  1. The picture tip is a great one. Also, make sure you have your area code on your pet's tags. :)

  2. That picture tip is really excellent. And so is the area code one!