Saturday, January 30, 2010

More Pet-Friendly Stores

I have found that most of the independent-owned stores that don't sell food products seem to be open to allowing pets in their shops. Because Seymour is only 7 pounds, I always ask and usually just carry him. I'm starting to get a strong right arm, thanks to my 7 pound weight lifing and carrying.

I totally forgot about how pet-friendly Half-Price Books is. They actually invite your pet to come in with you - and they can walk, not just be carried. I love that store!

This week I went into Best Buy and they allowed Seymour to come in as long as I carried him. I think it would probably be more difficult to get into stores with a larger pet.

I also have had to get work done on my various vehicles and went to get the oil changed, went to a car dealership and to Discount Tire - all were fine with Seymour walking through their shops and sitting in the waiting room.

Feel free to share other names of places of business that allow pets.


  1. We went to a birthday party a J&R Gymnastics this weekend and someone was carrying a fat chihuahua around the place. I think he got asked to leave, though.

  2. I wonder if they don't want "fat" things in a gymnastic studio - hurts their image?