Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shopping With a Pet

I like to take Seymour with me as much as possible. The stores I've found that allow pets include:
Home Depot
Garden Ridge Pottery

Some other stores I go into, I will ask if pets are allowed. Often they are - with stipulations. For example, TJ Maxx in Austin, TX allowed me to bring Seymour into the store as long as I carried him and didn't put him in the cart. Ace Hardware used to allow pets but last year put a sign up saying "no pets". I don't know why.

Sometimes one just doesn't have a choice. It's too hot in the car or it may not be a safe neighborhood. So, in an emergency, I have put Seymour in his purse/carrying bag and gone into convenience stores or drugstores to quickly purchase things.

I believe that well-behaved pets should be allowed in most shops. I can understand size limits on pets due to possible damage to merchandise or having to not put them in a cart because people may be grossed out by the possibility of dog hair. To me, if a place is pet-friendly, I'm going to frequent it more and purchase more from them.

I'd love to know about other stores / chains that are also pet friendly.


  1. Remember how friendly the people at Half-Price Books are about pets! They're always great. Heck, they even let the capybara come in! :)

  2. That is very true! How could I forget Half-Price Books?? That are very pet-friendly. Thanks!