Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pet Tips for Hot Summer Days

It's getting hot here in Texas and I've been looking for tips to keep Seymour comfortable on our walks.

1. Water - obviously. I found a smaller version of the pet water bottle. I have to say it feels a little cheaply made but so far has worked. It's the one piece bottle and troth that makes it simple to pour Seymour a quick drink. This version has a little cord attached instead of the belt clip. I think I will change out the cord to put on one long enough that I can carry it over my shoulder like a purse.

2. Wet neck-kerchief (my new word). Drench one and wring it out and tie it around your pet's neck. It works just like it does with us. It adds a bit of coolness to their bodies and I'm sure feels great if a slight wind is blowing.

3. Brush your pet before you go out. Getting the loose hair off of your pet and fluffing the hair up a little will allow more air to get to their body. I can't imagine walking around in a fur coat in 100 degree weather but Seymour still wants his walks!

4. Carry a portable fan. I have 2 kinds; one is on a long string and I can carry it around my neck. It's small and battery powered but it gives a bit of a breeze that helps cool Seymour and me a little. The other is a fan that is attached to a small spray bottle that gives off a nice moist breeze. Unfortunately, it's a little bigger so I mostly use that one while we're in the yard. I also have to be careful because I use a spray bottle of water to deter Seymour from barking so I don't want him to start enjoying the spray!

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