Friday, December 17, 2010

The Post Office with Seymour

This is my 3rd Christmas with Seymour and I can hardly remember a time when he wasn't part of my life. I'm finding that the more I bring him with me or talk about him, the more I find out about other people who are in love with their pets. It sometimes feels that people are a bit embarrassed to admit their closeness with their pets until they meet a kindred spirit.

I was in the post office a few days ago, mailing a Christmas package and I had Seymour with me. The line was long and the package was too big to carry both it and Seymour so I let my 6 pound guy down - but leashed. Little by little people started petting him and then talking about their favorite pets, past and present. The long line felt less long and I was feeling the warmth and kindness of the people around me. When I finally got to the counter, my warm feeling was quickly squelched when the postal worker said "You know dogs are not allowed in here." Now, I had been bringing Seymour to the post office for about 2 years and no one had said that before. Didn't he see how much people were talking to each other in line, smiling and calling Seymour to them to pet him? Was he just feeling overworked or was he the designated "buzz kill"?

Everyone in line got quiet and the whole mood of the place changed. I wondered if he had a pet - or if he might need one? When I left, I didn't see a "no pets" sign on the door.

I really believe that there should be more openness to allowing pets in various shops and businesses. I am fine if they have signs that say "well behaved pets are welcome" or even "pets in arms are welcome" if they are afraid of breakables. We need a little more softness in our world and I think pets help to add that.

I will not stop bringing Seymour with me until I see an actual "No Pets Allowed" sign at the Post Office. Maybe Seymour can win the heart of that stoic postal worker before he has time to put up the sign!

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  1. Yeah, I was in there once when someone brought there dog in and they were quickly shown the door.