Monday, June 13, 2011

Flight Reservations Have Been Confirmed - I Think

Today I had to pay for my flight reservations so I called AirFrance - one more time - to be sure that Seymour was confirmed on all legs of the trip. They said he was, but I didn't get the name of the person I talked with. I'm going to trust this time. I hope these aren't "famous last words".

When I got online to pay for my flight and put in all of my credit card information, I got back a response saying that their Reservation service wasn't working at this time. Great! I signed out and back in and it said that my reservations were confirmed but I haven't received a receipt yet. Do I believe that I am confirmed or do I call and check -one more time? I have three more hours that my reservations could be on hold so I will wait another hour to see if I get a receipt. If not, I'll call. I should know that 1-800 number by heart by now.

This week, I will make Seymour his first appointment with the vet. We will probably need to go 2-3 times. First, for the new microchip, then for any immunizations he needs and then he might need to go back to get the health certificate signed before I hand deliver it to the Area Veterinarian in Charge with the USDA to be endorsed approximately a week or so before we leave. The health certificates/Pet Passport are good for up to 4 months for travel in Italy, so we should be covered for getting back to the USA.

Some airlines require a separate health certificate signed by the veterinarian within 10 days of travel but I did not see that requirement on the AirFrance website. We might get it done - just in case.

My biggest worry is that we will get to the airport and Seymour won't have all of his paperwork in order - but then I am an excellent, practiced worrier.

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