Friday, June 17, 2011

Seymour's Least Favorite Traveling Item

I read that you need to bring a muzzle to Italy just in case it is needed for your dog. Seymour tried on various muzzles in the pet stores but I couldn't find any that fit. Last week we were at Pucci's, where Seymour gets his nails trimmed regularly. Although they do a great job, it's not his favorite experience. I asked them what types of muzzles they use when they need them. We tried one on Seymour and it fit, so I ordered it. This is the muzzle I ordered. Sorry about the blurry picture.
It's a size 0 which is also an XXSmall. Although it fit him, he hates it. When I tried to take his picture he was rolling around so much while trying to use his front paws to take it off, that I had to take 4 pictures before I was able to get a picture that wasn't blurry from all of the movement! Here is Seymour in his muzzle. I think that if he does cause a ruckus, just showing him the muzzle will straighten him out!
I ordered it from Amazon. I think he now has everything he needs for the trip except for his new microchip and health certificate.

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