Saturday, September 19, 2009

I wanted Seymour to travel with style so I started looking for more travel accessories. I found this perfect case that unfolded to show the two doggie bowls. It has a little bone on the front - how cute is that? I felt that this would make it easy to give him food and water on the road, and I would be proud to carry it around. Yes it's red but he's male enough to handle that.

On our first trip, we got to the hotel and I filled his bowls, waiting in anticipation for him to start eating. As soon as he started, I noticed that he was dropping bits of dog food into his water bowl - not on purpose but because he is a messy eater - and the bowls are pretty close together. It wasn't an appetizing site for me (and not picture worthy) but he didn't seem to mind.

As the trip went on, it started being a bit of a pain to open the case when we would stop at rest stops and I just needed to give him some water. With frequent opening and closing, the case lost a hinge and then the clip that holds it closed fell off. It was beginning to look like something I picked up out of the trash, especially when I had to put a large rubber band around it to keep it closed.

I still think it's cute but it probably wasn't made for extensive use - or I just got a defective case. I saved the bowls but finally disposed of the case.

Next time I'll show you Seymour's best travel item that we both can't do without.

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