Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Other Pet Travel Necessities

Besides our travel crate, pet travel bag, and water bottle/bowl, the following are other things I have forgotten to bring in the past. Now that I have a list, I'll be more organized:

1. Pet medical and immunization records - I asked my vet for a copy of Seymour's records in case I needed them for an emergency or needed to board him for some reason. I carry two copies and highlighted the immunizations. The only issue is that if you did need to board your dog, the regulations for how often a dog needs a rabies vaccine or other immunizations is different around the country. Its even different between the 2 adjoining counties near my home.

2. At least 2 sizes of bungee cords. I have had to hook Seymour to a railing outside of a restaurant while I ordered a take-out meal. When I do, I make sure he is within my sight the whole time. I usually don't try the "pet purse" trick in restaurants - usually. I've also tied his leash to a tree while I've set up camp.

3. Just like a child, Seymour has his favorite stuffed animal and blankets that come with us. I put his stuffed animal in his crate at night (when he's not sleeping with me) and in the morning, he gently picks it up and takes it out of the crate showing me that they are both ready to start their day - this melts my heart which I'm sure also lowers my blood pressure! I'm "in" to natural remedies and what is more natural than a pet?

4. Seymour is picky about his treats - he only eats Chicken Tender Strips so I always bring lots of those. Even if he doesn't eat his dog food, I know he can't resist a couple of those treats each day.

5. An extra doggie bowl and his food are obviously a must.

6. A necessity to me includes bringing a few of his outfits - like his raincoat, and a sweater or shirt, depending on the temperature. This isn't really frivolous because people are more friendly to us when Seymour is dressed in his finest. This often leads Seymour to a new butt to smell (the dogs, not the owners), tips on places to visit that are dog-friendly, and just general pleasant conversations. So, the clothes are pretty much a necessity. The one thing I will never do is wear a matching outfit with Seymour. Neither of us is in to that sort of thing.

We were finally ready for our first trip.

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