Thursday, February 4, 2010

And More Pet-Friendly Stores

Today I had to get tires for my truck and had over an hour to wander around to various stores - with Seymour. I felt like I hit the jackpot because no one turned me away when I asked if I could bring Seymour in. Some were friendlier than others but no one said "no". I have to say that when I go into these stores, I always feel that I need to purchase something - just so they know that people with pets aren't just "lookers" (and I don't mean that "beauty-wise"). The additional stores In San Marco, Texas I checked out were:

Marshalls - when I asked if I could bring Seymour into the store if I carried him, they said "you can put him in a cart". Very nice. So I bought some sweat pants - my wardrobe basic for this winter.

Bed, Bath and Beyond - the woman behind the counter say "OK" somewhat reluctantly but before I had been in the store for 2 minutes, 2 sales people came up to me and fawned over Seymour. Maybe they liked his blue turtleneck. Socks and a lap tray went home with me!

Ross - Again, no problem bringing him in - and I got a pair of sweat capris - preparing for my spring wardrobe!

Blanco Bank (in Wimberley Texas) - and I think most banks allow dogs. Many have doggie treats ready to give out, also. Unfortunately Seymour is very picky about his treats. He only eats real meat treats but he at least sniffs what he is given and I quickly pocket it and say he'll eat it later. And maybe, some day he will!

What does Seymour get out of these trips? Lots of attention, gentle petting and sometimes even offers of dog biscuits. Life is good -

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