Friday, February 5, 2010

Seymour is my Mood RIng

Remember mood rings? I still have mine but I don't really need it now that I have Seymour. I didn't realize how intuitive he is with me until today. We were both kind of moping around the house, neither very active. He - and I - reluctantly went for a walk in our neighborhood. Seymour actually stopped after walking about 5 minutes and wanted to go back home - as did I. If Seymour was a mood ring, he would have been closing in on black.

I decided to take him with me to run some errands and one of the things we do is go to the grocery store. Because Seymour has to stay in the car, his treat is going for a walk around town when I come out. We both perked up because we were finally in a different environment and enjoyed the sights - and smells - of the small town. If he was a mood ring, he would have been the color blue/green - very content - and so was I.

When we couldn't get ourselves to walk 5 minutes in our neighborhood, we ended up walking over 30 minutes in town. It made me realize how much we both like to travel - to see new things - walk new places - and smell - well at least Seymour likes the smells of new grounds. We will be planning another trip soon.

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