Friday, March 19, 2010

Next Trip With Seymour

We are finally getting ready to start our next trip and plan to leave Monday. It will be for about 2 weeks and we will again be heading east from Texas. This time I am going to try to use Virgin's "Broadband to Go" Internet service. I just activated my account and pay for 30 days of service for $20. That is supposed to be good for about 12 hours of web browsing or 25,000 emails without attachments. That should be plenty for me to write on my blog and answer emails. I'll let you know if the coverage is very good in places like State Parks.

Seymour, my chihuahua-mix is such a good traveler. When we go outside for a walk, he hesitates near the camper, just to see if we are going to get in it. He should be quite excited when it finally happens after a travel lull for the past 4 months. I have already gathered his vet records and am planning to print out a picture of him, just in case he gets lost - which I hope NEVER happens. I made sure his immunizations were up to date just in case I would need to board him. I also plan to get some individual pet washes, since last time Seymour rolled in anything stinky he could find.

I will put a more detailed list of what we are bringing to make Seymour comfortable before we leave. I then hope to write updates each day or so. I've had such good luck with shop owners allowing him in their stores in Austin and Wimberley, Texas that I hope it continues on our trip.

More to come

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