Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 5 of our Trip

We have traveled through Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and are now outside of Savannah, Georgia. The things I have used the most with Seymour are his leash (obviously)and a bungee cord. It has been so helpful to hook him to a tree or something when I'm setting up camp or just want to sit outside.

We have found that all State parks so far have allowed pets that are on a 6 ft. leash. The park I'm in now Skidaway Island State Park is very pet friendly. They also have pet stations with plastic bags and disposals for pet "poop". I like that they consider your pet and expect a clean environment.

All of the State rest stops have had pet areas that are clean and not too far from the buildings. It's a pet peeve of mine when they put the pet area near the highway or in the back weeds. I wish they would allow pets in buildings if they are in carriers.

I tried to take a tour of a NASA Rocket Testing facility jut across the boarder in Miss. from LA. I guess I understand why they wouldn't allow pets - even in a carrier unless they are a service dog, but I still feel that the USA has a long way to go before we are as pet-friendly as Europe.

Almost everyone has been friendly except in Auburn, Alabama. I'm not sure why, but only one person grudgingly said hi as we were walking. I'm used to Texas where you say hi to most everyone. My van door broke in the parking lot of Walmart there and I was trying to fix it for about 30 minutes and no one came by to ask if I needed help. That was strange to me.

But, I have found that having Seymour with me is much more beneficial than it is a deterrent. Most people seem to be pet lovers and when they see Seymour, I often get a better camping site - or a camping site when they first tell me that they are full. Always remember to mention your cute pet. I always say, "I'm traveling across country with my dog. It's just me and my dog." They sometimes breaks the ice.

We will be heading into Savannah today and then up the east coast. Hopefully, we'll find more pet-friendly people on our journey.

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