Sunday, March 21, 2010

One Day and Counting

Tomorrow morning we start on our first long trip - 2 weeks in a camper van. I have most of Seymour's things packed. we have:
1. Canned and dry dog food (his favorite kind) - and bowls.
2. Chicken tender strips (the only treat he will eat)
3. Purse/carrier - this is a "must" to be able to sometimes take him places he may not be allowed to go - in an emergency.
4. Picture of him
5. Immunization records
6. Small airplane-sized soft-sided carrier. He sleeps in that when he's not sleeping with me.
7. Clothes - sweaters, shirts,and Velcro vest (that often replaces his collar when we walk since he seems to scratch no matter which collar I try)
8. Blankets
9. His water bottle - can't leave home without it.

I made sure he had his heart worm treatment already so I don't have to worry about giving it to him on the road. I'm also going to give him a bath today and later do the preventative flea treatment. He had his nails clipped last week and although they grow quickly, he should be fine for another couple of weeks.

I just paid for 30 days on my Broadband2go. It was only $20 compared to a cost of $10 for 10 days. Hopefully the reception will be good and we can blog about our trip regularly.

I checked the weather for the next 10 days on for places we might visit like Savannah, GA, Baton Rouge, LA and Virginia Beach, VA. just so I had the appropriate clothes for both of us. Chihuahuas do get cold, but more importantly, they look cute in their little sweaters and tee shirts.

Anticipated leg one of our trip will be from home to Houston to Lake Charles, then on to Baton Rouge on Day Two and then I'm not sure. It doesn't matter to Seymour because there are good smells everywhere!

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  1. Can't wait to hear about your adventures on the road! I just read that Motel 6 is offering something like a 10% discount for people traveling with pets. Look it up! It could be a good thing to write about! Miss you!