Monday, April 5, 2010

Two Weeks In On Our Trip

A short update on other things we've learned on this trip.

1. I think that people in camp grounds are more open to talk to others - even a single traveler like me. And because many of them have their own animals, it's an instant conversation starter. It's very comfortable.

2. Day's Inn - I saw 2 that had RV parks attached to the motels. The parks are basically parking spaces and I expect that they have at least electric. I don't know how much they are but it's nice to know that there are some like that in case you have no other place to stay. The last Day's Inn I saw was outside of Brinkley Arkansas.

3. I really hate when the State Park's Office closes at 5 pm and there is no way to reach anyone to see if there is an available camping spot. Some have those cutsie numbers like 1-800-call-camps but they don't also give you the numbers that go with the letters. I tried calling one of those numbers twice - and both times got a totally different company. I'm thinking they didn't change their sign when they changed their number.

4. I found two more things I should have packed for Seymour. He ended up getting a tick on his nose and I didn't have tweezers or clear nail polish. I finally mixed body lotion and hand sanitizer and found some small needle-nosed pliers that worked. I have a first aid kit but will add those things for our next trip.

5. Seymour loves the smells at the various rest stops so we did stop more than I normally do. It was good for me to get out and walk a little and obviously it made the trip more fun for Seymour. Plus most of the rest areas have wonderful grass that we don't have in Texas. It took Seymour a few days to realize that he wouldn't get burrs in his feet before he began prancing and rolling in the grass. I hope is isn't too disillusioned when we get home :)

6. I tried taking him to more stores and two didn't know their store policy on pets so they let me in but said I would have to leave if anyone said anything - no one did. The stores were JC Penny and Big Lots. I really appreciate the ability to bring him in, even if they have stipulations like you have to carry him or don't put him in the shopping cart. At least he's in out of the van.

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