Saturday, May 14, 2011

Carrying Less on Walks

Seymour and I take long walks every day. Sometimes we end up passing a place where I'd like to buy a coffee or drink and I have no money with me. Or we walk to the pet groomers to get Seymour's nails clipped and I have to hold my money in my hand or bring a purse. Most of my pants or shorts don't have pockets and I don't like carrying a purse during walks. I may be the last to realize this but I always have the poop bag bone dispenser attached to Seymour's leash, and figured out that was a good place to keep some extra money. I took out the roll of bags and stuffed 2 bags back into the bone dispenser. I then put in some bills and some change - and even a Kleenex, and it all fit. One word of caution is that change will fall out of the hole for the bags so it needs to be kept behind the bills and poop bags.

I was thinking that this would be a good place to keep some extra money and a folded copy of my passport when we are in Italy. I doubt that anyone will try to take Seymour's poop dispenser and screwing it open takes a little effort. I can't see where I'll ever need more than 2 bags on a walk, so I should always have extra room for my stuff. The dispenser has never come off of the leash but I think I will use an extra tie, as a precaution. Another problem solved - I hope.

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