Wednesday, May 18, 2011

You Never Know if You Don't Ask

I am starting to get responses back on my doggie questions.

Scanner and microchip - I don't think anyone has ever asked this question to the animal shelter. They have responded with a lot of information and it appears that they have a scanner that scans both USA and International chips, but it looks like Seymour's chip is not an international one. It needed to be 13 digits and Seymour's chip is only 10 characters. Dang - another thing to purchase and carry in my backpack. Now I just have to figure out what kind to buy!

I also contacted a very nice person named Heike at Il Sasso, a language school in Montepulciao, Tuscany. There were very good reviews for this school and it is pretty reasonable. I've never been to Tuscany so I thought that would be a good place to visit while learning some Italian. I wanted to do a homestay while I was there so that I could be around native speakers - and because it is less expensive than a hotel or apartment. He said there is one single woman who allows dogs in her house, but she has a small male dog. If it didn't work out between the 2 dogs, I'd have to move to an apartment. Heike also responded that I could bring Seymour to class with me. I plan to take a 4 week course and hopefully I will learn enough basics to get me through the rest of my trip. Right now I'm trying to read a sentence in Italian and I can't figure out any of the words. "Segnala questa attraione agli altri viaggiatori". I'm in big trouble!

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