Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Seymours' Sling

The new sling I bought came yesterday and I've been carrying Seymour around in it. It feels like a lined sweatshirt material, thicker than I expected, but the layers make it more comfortable. The strap is pretty comfy across my shoulder. It is basic; no pockets, but it does come with a strap to hold him in. He seems to like it. Mostly he sat it in, which is why he looks big in the picture, but when he would lay down, you couldn't see him at all. I won't be able to sneak him in anywhere in this sling, but I think it will work great to take him in places where pets are allowed and have both hands free. It is smaller than the previous one I purchased, so I think it fits him better. I bought it on eBay and it says it was made by Outward Hound but I couldn't find it at other places. It cost $16.50 with free shipping, so I was pleased with the price.

Next I want to see how this sling works when I ride a bike because I expect to do that in Italy.

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