Friday, July 8, 2011

European Microchip and Health Record

Today Seymour got his microchip for Italy put in. He's now a two chip dog! The opening on the needle is a bit bigger than for a regular immunization but the vet and his assistant did a great job of keeping Seymour's attention while they did it and he didn't even flinch - of course I did!

What I learned about the European microchip is that it is probably cheaper to get it from the vet, even if they have to order it, than it is to order it from one of the pet travel companies. I had thought about ordering it for $49.95 (plus shipping) but decided to just get it through the vet. It ended up costing me about $36.00, including the vet visit. So, I would recommend checking on which is less expensive.

I had also ordered the Pet Passport, which was supposed to include some passport carrier as well as the forms that were supposed to be emailed and sent to me. I only received the email and even after writing to them to tell them I did not receive the mailing, I got no response. I could have downloaded all of those forms - for free. They did email me the info on what needs to be done for Italy, but again I could have found that myself. Another lesson learned.

While reviewing the AirFrance website, it did not say that we need to have a Pet Health Certificate for the plane, although other airlines require it. While I was at the vets, they told me about a woman who didn't have a Pet Health Certificate when she went to the airport (probably because she read the same info I read) and she found out that she did need it, and they couldn't board the plane. I recommend that everyone get a Pet Health Certificate completed and have it with them, along with the other necessary paperwork. In this case, more is better.

It is still my fear that I won't have all of Seymour's paperwork together and we won't be able to get on the plane. I'm sure I'll worry about that until I'm actually sitting on the plane - or maybe until I go through customs in Rome!

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