Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Seymour's on a Pre-Travel Schedule - UPDATED

We are actually cutting it close now with getting Seymour ready for our trip. We are leaving in about 7 weeks. He got his new microchip last Friday. Today he had to get another Rabies vaccination - even though his last one hasn't expired yet. One of these days, I hope countries will all agree that Rabies vaccines should only be given once every 3 years - at the most. I just read that most vaccine companies say that the vaccine actually lasts seven years. I believe that the less drugs in the system, the better.

We already scheduled his next visit which has to occur in 30 days. That is when he gets his blood test to show that his "rabies neutralizing antibody titre is greater than 0.5 IU/ ml". (We don't have to understand it, we just have to do it)

Then it takes about 2 weeks after the blood test to get the results.

We will then have to go back to the vet to get the Health Certificate signed. The airline health certificate must be signed within 10 days of travel.

One thing I want to mention again is that the dates on all of the pet health forms must be written in the European style of DD-MM-YYYY. The best way to do it would be to write "12 July 2011" to make it clear. I had to rip up 3 forms because I kept forgetting to write the date that way!

Lastly, I will take EU form 998, which will be signed by our Vet, IN BLUE INK (yep, has to be blue), to the USDA, with a check for $36.00, so that they can certify that our vet is an accredited veterinarian! I just left a message with the local USDA office to be sure I can just make an appointment to take in the form and have it certified instead of having to mail it. I don't want that form to leave my hands if possible.
UPDATE: I heard back from the USDA and I don't need an appointment to go there because I can only drop off the form with a stamped self-addressed envelope and they say the turn-around time will be 24 to 48 hours. I feel my heart racing already. We can't cut it much closer to our departure date - and mail delivery to my house is always late. We'll see!!!

And here I am, getting on a plane not needing any certification that I am healthy (mentally or physically) or have current immunizations. Interesting -

But, we are doing everything they tell us to do to get Seymour to Italy.

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