Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Italian Lesson - Number One

I had my first lesson on "Italian for Travelers" tonight. I'm taking this 7 session course to prepare me for my 4 week language course in Italy. Oh boy, is it difficult for me! I think I'm the worst in the class. When we repeat phrases all together, I am OK but when she asks us individually to say something, I cannot pronounce a thing! Luckily I have until next Monday to practice so maybe I'll get to next to the bottom of the class. I'm so glad I'm doing this. I feel more comfortable feeling stupid in the USA than in Italy. Unfortunately I will still need to figure out on my own how to say things like:
"Can I bring my dog?"
"Do you have a room that allows dogs?"
"Can the dog ride on the bus . . . train. . .?"
"Where can I walk my dog?"
"Where can I buy dogfood?"
"Do I need to clean that up?"

I have seen none of those phrases in the course book. So much to learn!

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