Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 2 of our Texas to Pennsylvania trip

Our room at the Super 8 passed the "dog didn't do anything" test so we headed out at about 10 am. A little later than I planned but I had to eat the free toaster waffles first.

We drove through Tenn. most of the day. I-40 was under construction in quite a few places so I am hoping to find a different way home. We stopped at a rest area in Tenn that again had the pet area between the highway and the parking lot. Obviously the people that planned these rest areas are not pet people. See how attractive our walk was?

Seymour finally got tired of sleeping in the car so he squeezed under the seat to the front and gave me those pleading eyes that said "I need outtttt! Now!". I think he had 4 drops of pee he hadn't used. I talked him into waiting until we crossed into Kentucky and stopped at the Welcome Center. See how pretty the sign is?

Then I remembered! This was the place that disliked pets more than any other State we had been in. They almost had more "No Pets Allowed" signs than parking spaces.

I do think they upgraded their pet area since I was there last. Now they have a chain link fence about 4 feet from the parking spaces where I think you are supposed to walk. Over by the freeway, of course. But, if anyone parks on that side it leaves about a foot of walking space. I filled in a suggestion card to ask them to make a more safe place for pets and left my name and address. It will be interesting to see if they write. Oh, I also left my blog address.

I don't have any more rest areas to complain about for now. The good news is that I picked up a hotel coupon book in the Kentucky Welcome center and ended up staying at the LaQuinta in Elizabethtown, KY. They don't charge extra for up to 2 pets weighing less than 20 pounds. Plus I got an additional discount with the coupon so it cost me about $5 more than I paid last night, with a free hot breakfast included. My friends Jan and Betty told me to be sure to pick up those coupon books in the States I was staying, and it proved cost effective.

I mentioned that my daughter and her 2 boys were coming home with us. I am surprised at how much I brought with me. When I went to Italy for 3 months, I had a backpack, a purse and Seymour's crate. I am going to be gone for 2 weeks and this is my trunk. We are in big trouble!

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  1. Your trunk doesn't look that full. It's loosely packed. Give Seymour and Zooey a hug from me and Cooper. We miss you !! mary