Monday, September 24, 2012

Late blog update

We have no WIFi connection except for at McDonalds, so here is a short entry. We found that New Jersey had the best pet rest area. It had a sidewalk, a picnic table and was not near the freeway. It was between where the trucks park and where the cars park. I thought I was in heaven for a few minutes.

Although there was lots of road construction, we made it to my parents by about 5 pm on Friday. At about 8 pm, I took my first Aleve. Quiet night with the dogs. Zooey didn't even bark at the kids but she does bark at my daughter (her adopted sister). My Dad's eyesight is very poor so I made sure the dogs were out of his way when my Dad got up.

Saturday Shan and I went to my old neighbor's daughter's wedding while my high school friend watched Seymour and Zooey. Beautiful wedding and great food, especially the cookies. Luckily I brought stretch pants to wear the rest of the week.

Sunday, my high school friend and her daughter (my god daughter) and I went to the Casino (what a surprise) while my friend's husband watched my kids, I mean my dogs. As much as they loved him, because he gave them treats, every time my friend's husband went downstairs and came back up, Zooey barked at him like he was a stranger. Oh, what a strange dog I have!

Today I came home from my friend's and did some shopping for decorations for my Dad's party and now we are at McDonald's with the "over the hill bunch". I am starting to fit in nicely :)

I will take more pictures because the leaves are starting to change and since the speed limit is mostly 25 mph I will be able to take nice pictures as I am driving.

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