Thursday, October 25, 2012

One More Pet Halloween Contest

I am going to be more prepared for the Pet Halloween Costume Contest coming up this weekend. No more toilet paper costumes. It is so great to have pets included in Halloween for those of us who don't have small children anymore. No, they don't get to actually get candy but those cute pets bring smiles to everyone's faces.

Seymour and Zooey will have a few different costumes from which it choose, but most will need a bit of alteration. Just like with women's clothes, a size doesn't necessarily mean it is the same measurements across companies. Zooey is usually an extra small and Seymour is a small. A few of the extra smalls fit Seymour and some are too small for Zooey. And you can't usually try them on in most stores, since stores like Target or Walmart don't allow dogs. When is that going to change? I still believe that if a dog is in a carrier, they should be allowed in stores. Most places in Europe allow dogs in stores and even eating establishments. Let's get progressive here!

Anyway, we will have pictures to post after the contest on Saturday.

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