Saturday, October 13, 2012

Taking the Dogs to the Pet Parade

I didn't realize the Pet Parade was this early in October this year but decided to make a quick costume for Zooey - out of a doggie tee shirt and toilet paper! I used a some trim, a glue gun, some kind of white tape I found in my tool box and some double sided tape. I am just glad I didn't try to do this for my kids when they were young.

Seymour already had a surgeon costume, so I decided to make Zooey a nurse. I was going to be the patient with fake bloody gauze/ toilet paper around my head. This was going to be fun!

This morning, I gathered up our costumes, a roll of tape and headed to the parade to register. I put on the dogs costumes in the car and noticed that Zooey's toilet paper and tee costume looked much better in the house than in the bright sunlight. When I went to put the toilet paper strip around my head, I found that the roll of white tape I brought was actually plumbing tape - doesn't stick. Not sure why it was in my first aid box!

So, we finally were dressed and headed down to register for the parade. Seymour doesn't particularly like crowds, big dogs or music. Zooey is afraid of everything. I ended being the only pet owner who had to carry their dogs in the parade. It takes away a bit from the costumes when you can't quite see them. As I was carrying Zooey, her glue started coming off. Then her toilet paper skirt started looking like it had been used. Seymour lost his pants. I am not sure if anyone took pictures of us, but we were a motley little group.

Finally when the parade was almost over I decided to skip the judging and call it a wrap. Overall, the dogs were good but we were done. It was also starting to drizzle and that would be the end of our nurses costume.

But here is what they looked like as we waited for the parade to start.
Zooey had not started to fall apart yet.

Seymour as a surgeon before he lost his pants. I didn't notice Zooey under Seymour until I looked at the picture!

Although parades aren't their favorite thing, they tolerate them for me- and for the treats they know they will get. There is one more pet costume contest at a local nursing home in 2 weeks. That should give me time to re-do Zooey's costume, minus the toilet paper.

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