Friday, May 3, 2013

Biloxi, Mississippi

We finally got through Florida. The northern part was all tall trees and few towns, so it was much easier driving. I was getting a little low on gas so I can't remember which town we were in, but I used my GPS to find a Walmart. It sold gas and if you had a Walmart gift card, the gas was 5 cents cheaper. I bought the card and paid $3.18/gal. My MPG was about 16 1/2 and that was driving mostly against the wind. My old van only got about 12.

I did some Walmart shopping and broke down and bought a pillow, some junk food, paper goods and Dog food. I haven't been able to find their kind of food and they won't eat anything else. I finally found some Seymour will eat but Zooey is still holding out. Not that she won't eat a few chips, but no semi healthy dog food!

We quickly drove through Alabama and in to Mississippi. I love all of the water around here. Beautiful! When we got to Biloxi, it was like little Atlantic City, casinos everywhere. I am not complaining about that, but none had camp sites. I stopped at the Visitor's Center and heard about the Cajun RV park, near a casino, and off we went.

I finally set up the camper, plugged in the electric, turned on the A/C, swiveled the passenger seat toward the back and logged on to the free wifi.

Here are pics of the inside of the camper. That is Seymour and Zooey in their bed and my bed behind them. My bed became our bed during the night.

This is the front of the camper. Notice the chairs facing each other? A great lounging area.

After the dogs were fed and walked, I headed to the casino for a few hours of fun. I ordered a shrimp poboy to eat back in the camper. When I got back, the camper was dark. No lights, no A/C. Luckily it was pretty cool outside. All I had was one of those thumb sized pinch flashlights. I checked the electric connection and the fuse box (not an easy thing to find) and still no power.

I finally decided to at least eat my poboy while I contemplated my options. A shrimp poboy should never be eaten in the dark. I heard the first shrimp hit the floor almost immediately and by the time I was done, I squeezed the little light to see a family of breaded shrimp on the floor. And the dogs wanted nothing to do with them.

Back to the electrical problem. I was cussing out Meryl, my camper's new name, because I thought she done me wrong. Then, with no other options I opened a few windows to get a little breeze and tried out the bed. It's not bad. I do like the layout of this camper and how they used the minimal space so well. It's a shame I couldn't see it.

But, sometime during the night, I was awakened by a light in the camper. The electric had came on! Don't know what happened but I'm pretty sure Meryl wasn't to blame for the lack of power. Since I am now wide awake, I decided to write my blog. Besides, Seymour and Zooey have decided they like the middle of my bed best!

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