Sunday, May 5, 2013


For some reason my blog from yesterday won't post. First I thought it was due to the campground wifi, but now I'm home and it still won't post.

Here are some interesting pieces of information I hadn't put in my blogs:

1. Gas was about $3.19 around Tampa Bay but got steadily higher as I went north. Gas was cheaper in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana than in most of Texas.

2. None of the rest stops in any of the States I went through allowed over night camping. Even when they had 24 hour security, it still said no over night parking. That is a shame.

3. What the dogs seemed to miss most, besides their regular dog food, was going into a building. We did stay at La Quinta 2 nights so the other 3 nights they headed for any door they were near. I guess they were getting stir crazy in the camper. And they were too little to jump on the bed, so they had limited floor space to roam. Of course, at home they are stuck to me like magnets although they have the whole house to roam!

4. I have never seen so many CVS and Walgreens as I did in Florida. They seemed to be on every corner. I guess they are meeting the needs of all the retires.

5. When using my GPS, it tells me my speed. But my van will show 70 mph and they GPS will say I am going 65. I wanted to go through a construction zone where they show your speed to see which was right. I went with the GPS.

6. I love traveling with the dogs. When I was gripping the wheel tightly during the high winds, and probably complaining, each dog would come up front to check on me. I would pet them on the head and say "Everything is all right ", and they would go back to their carrier. It calmed me down when they did that.

We drove about 7 hours today and I decided to just come home instead of trying to find a campground. As much as I loved the trip, the dogs and I are happy to be home! But I am already planning our next trip.

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  1. Good to know you're home safe and sound.