Wednesday, May 1, 2013

End of a Long Wednesday

Well, I jumped to conclusions about the van. Yes, it is old and there are dents, patches and spots. But, it seems that the shocks are fine. Steve picked us up at LaQuinta and took me to mechanic who worked on the van. He said he looked it completely over and there are no problems. And I have driven about 250 miles today with no problem. But back to the start of the day.
Steve picked me up after getting the title from the seller and then he took me to the DMV to get a temporary plate. That took over an hour. Then back to the mechanic to put on the plate and show me a few things about how to use the van. Unfortunately, the seller didn't leave any manuals or paper work on the van and Steve or the mechanic couldn't answer all my questions. I am sure I will be googling when I get home.
Through it all, the dogs mostly stayed in the pet carrier. Zooey would run to me and squirm like crazy until I took her out of the van - and then she 'd potty. Good girl. Seymour just holds it until we stop.
We finally headed out and the GPS took me on I 19 which has stop lights at least every quarter of a mile. We were stopped for about 45 minutes due to an accident and when I tried to take a detour, it took me to a road that was flooded. I forgot to say it was raining all day. I waited until I saw a few people cross the flooded road, and then I chanced it. I was telling the dogs how much I hated driving in Florida.
After looking for different campgrounds to stay, it started getting late and I decided to stay at a hotel again. I need to stop earlier tomorrow so I can figure our how to use the camper.
Tonight we are all cozy at La Quinta in Tallahassee.

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  1. The flooded road and clogged traffic brings back not-too-fond memories of living in Houston. Hope the rest of the trip goes more smoothly.