Sunday, September 29, 2013

Getting Ready for our Trip out West

We have one week before we leave and I have a lot to pack. I am not sure how long we will be gone so I am planning for a possible extended trip.

I know I want to bring as many Christmas gifts as possible so I don't have to think about mailing them on time. And I usually shop all year so now I just have to find - and wrap them.

To start, I wrote a list of what I need for Seymour and Zooey. Their crate and blanket is already in the camper but still the list is long:

1. Zooey's rabies tag - since she is too small to wear a collar, I haven't figured out how to attach it to her, and now I can't remember where I put it!
2. Both dogs health records - just in case I need to board them.
3. Allergy meds - just in case.
4. Heartworm meds - they will be due to take them when we are gone, most likely. And since they only take their meds if they are mixed with vanilla ice cream, I will also need to bring 2 small bowls.
5. Food - I don't want to have to find their favorite food in an emergency so I will bring a few cans and some dry food.
6. Treats - I have started making them beef and chicken jerky since there have been problems with the store bought kind, especially those made in China. I will also bring their dried chicken treats that I often use to reward them for allowing me to cut their nails. Spoiled?
7. Nail clippers and scissors - emergency grooming. After our trip to Italy, I realized how important nail clippers are!
8. Wipes - to keep them clean between baths. I doubt if they will get a bath on this trip, which will make them very happy.
9. Ear meds - Zooey especially seems to have problems with her ears. She will let me massage her ear as much as I want when I put her meds in.
10. Sling and purse - having 2 dogs, it is easier to carry them if one is in the sling. The purse is for emergency stealth occasions. On a former trip, my camper broke down and I had to stay in a "no dogs allowed" hotel. That doggy purse was a life saver. Not sure I could do the same with 2 dogs, but hopefully I won't need to.
11. Extra poop bags - obvious reason.
12. Bowls and a folding bowl to attach to leash.
13. Brush - mostly for Zooey
14. lint roller - mostly for Seymour. He does love being rolled and I love seeing the loose hair on the roller and not on my clothes.
15. Clothes - Zooey needs clothes that have the hook to attach her leash. Seymour has some halters that have the hooks, but he also gets cold easily so he needs some extra layers.
16. Chew bones - neither are into toys but periodically they like to gnaw on a bone or my fingers.
17. Toothpaste and tooth brushes - not their favorite activity to share with me, but if they sleep in my bed, they need to have semi- clean breath.

I think that is all they need, at least I hope so! I haven't even started my list, but we do still have a week.

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