Monday, October 7, 2013

Slowly Finishing the Packing

My goal was to leave at 9 am this morning. Now I am hoping to leave by 10 am. Everything seems to be fitting in the camper, if I don't need to sleep on my bed!

I still have to fill the ice chest, check my list, and finish the routine around here.

Seymour and Zooey know that something is going on and they are afraid that they aren't included, so they are just about stuck to me as I am writing this. They may wish I had left them at home after a week or so!

I bought a new camera since none of my others seem to be working, and now see it is a wifi with no place to put a memory card. The memory card is what I've always used to put pictures on my iPad, so hopefully I will figure it out.

Not sure where we are stopping tonight but I don't think this will be a long travel day. I'm starting off tired from all the packing!

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