Friday, September 13, 2013

Getting Used To Traveling With 2 Dogs

I am very behind in my posting but we plan to do more camping soon. A few months ago my neighbor Mary went camping with me, Seymour and Zooey in my new old 1997 Roadtrek. I was excited to see that I had two sleeping areas in the van. There is the back bed and then the front passenger set and the seat behind it also makes into a bed. It's actually very comfortable.

We headed off for a 2 day trip to Guadalupe River State Park. Luckily we arrived early enough to pick a camping spot beside the restrooms. I still haven't tried to set up the toilet in the camper. The dogs eagerly road in their crate and just as eagerly wanted to check out the smells around our camper when we got there.

I have to say that it is so nice having all dogs on leashes and not worrying about a dog running loose and heading toward your dogs! My neighborhood has a number of dog owners who don't seem to care about the safety of their dogs or the leash laws.

Back to the camping trip. It was very hot and when we started taking walks, neither dog wanted to walk very far. So Mary and I ended up carrying them most of the way. I wished I had brought the harnesses I bought that you wet and put in the frig before you put them on the dogs. They probably wished I had brought them, also!

Both Seymour and Zooey chose to sleep in the bed with Mary instead of sleeping in their crates beside me. So much for my best friends.

I am finding it easier to take both dogs with me for travel and shopping. They have become inseparable pals.

This camping trip was a good, short test for us. We are planning another short camping trip soon and then a longer cross country trip in October.

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