Tuesday, April 30, 2013

We are in Florida and Bought the Van

First, when we landed in Tampa Bay, Zooey was desperate to get out of the carrier so I held her as we walked through the airport. She was definitely stressed, shaking and panting. I felt bad for her. Seymour stayed in the carrier and just chilled. Once we got outside to the really awful pet area, they both walked around and she started calming down.

Steve and his wife picked me up in the Roadtrek and it looks good - on a scale from fair to excellent. It is old. I was hearing some grinds and feeling it sway when we were just stopped at a light. It needs work. But Steve and his wife were very nice and helpful. He drove me to get pet food and to get something to eat and he will be back in the morning with the paperwork signed by the sellers and then take me to the Dept of Motor Vehicles to get a temporary license plate.

The van is not as good as I had hoped but I will be able to tell more when I drive it. I do think I will stop to get the shocks and possibly anti sway bar repaired. I called my son and he gave me some good ideas on what could be wrong. He did say something positive "At least it sounds like the engine and transmission are good".

The dogs, in the mean time sniffed their way around the van but went back into the crate for most of the ride. We are now at the LaQuinta Inn in Clearwater and the dogs are sleeping beside me. I like that they allowed up to 2 dogs and don't charge any extra, but will charge if the dogs cause any damage. Fair enough.

More tomorrow.

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