Thursday, April 30, 2015

Looking Better

Seymour is doing better with the increased dose of his Prednisone.  His head is no longer tilting to one side and he is walking better.  He is rubbing his eyes quite a bit, though.  We haven't heard from his doctor yet today.  I guess that autoimmune disease is still a big issue with Seymour and the medication is still needed.  He is supposed to go from a full pill to half a pill on Sunday - along with his other meds so hopefully he will continue to at least stay the same.  This really is a long process!


  1. How is your doggie doing? I stumbled across your blog as I am travelling to Italy with my chihuahua too. Mine has been sick for a while with heart disease but it's controlled. I really appreciate all the tips about your travel there. I really hope your doggie is better, wherever that is in your home or heaven. Jess & Dolce Xx

  2. I too wonder how Seymour is doing! I have a small chihuahua that I want to take internationally. It broke my heart to read of his sickness. I hope you all are well!