Saturday, April 4, 2015

Catching Up

It has been a while since I posted. I found a new software called Blogsy that is not intuitive so I am still learning it.Seymour is doing about the same. He doesn't seem to be able to hear when we are outside but does hear me in the house. He still has stiff back legs and can't have a bowel movement without "walking it out". But he likes to take short walks and ride in the car. He takes 4 pills every morning and 3 every evening. He goes back to the neurologist on Tuesday. I am having him sleep in an enclosure that includes his bed, water, food and pee pads because I don't want him to have an accident in the house. He has gotten used to it and actually seems to like it. Unfortunately, he still hasn't figured out what a pee pad is for!

I couldn't let Seymour be sick by himself so I came down with an upper respiratory infection that has lasted almost 3 weeks. I am finally starting to feel better.Because it is spring here in Texas and the wild flowers are out, I decided to take both dogs to a Bluebonnet patch for a photo op. Spring feels like a new beginning so we are trying to enjoy each day.



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