Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Vet Visit

Seymour went for his monthly visit to his neurologist. How many dogs can say that? He is doing about the same except that she found some brain activity in his right eye, which is really good. There still is none in his left eye. Because of the damage to his spinal cord, it is difficult to know if he will improve the function in his back legs and butt area. Even if he stays where he is, I will be happy. He does need to gain weight. It is rare that dogs or anyone on steroids doesn't gain. Seymour eats all he wants but has continued to weigh 6 pounds, 6 ounces for the last two months. Dr. Wolf asked if I have ever given him scrambled eggs - and I hadn't, so that will be our new food offering. We did stop on the way home to get a soft serve ice cream cone to share!

Seymour's blood work was fine and we are cutting back on his daily medicine to see if he can tolerate it. I am so thankful for Dr Henry for referring him to the Specialty Hospital and Dr. Wolf for saving his life. She graciously allowed me to take her picture with Seymour.

Our next visit is in a month. The saga will continue. . .


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