Thursday, April 25, 2013

Austin Water Bikes - Pet Friendly!

My friend and I went on a water bike for the first time on Lady Bird Lake in Austin, Texas. The company is called Austin Water Bikes and I was delighted to see that they allowed dogs on the water bike with you. The bigger dogs would be best suited for this experience since they can balance on the pontoons. My little dogs would be in a carrier on my chest, but still, they could come if they wanted.

Here is a picture of me and my friend on the bikes. You can see how much room is on the pontoons and connecting stand. Also, it's not like you are speeding around on the water. You pedal as if on an upright bike and it makes the little propeller turn, slowly. It's a nice and easy experience for people of all ages - and their dogs! We had a blast.

In case anyone is in Austin, they are located behind the Hyatt and next to the Riverboat. It is also close to a leash free park. Their number is 512-200-6555

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  1. VEry nice water bikes that is pet friendly also. I like to ride the water bike with my pet with me.