Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The dogs and I are on the plane and we should be landing in 30 minutes. I was pretty nervous since neither seemed to like the crate. But changing out the bottom, including the egg crate type pad with a softer one seemed to do the trick.

My daughter dropped me off at the airport and waited to make sure I could get both dogs on the plane. I did.

I had to pay for their reservation and then we easily went through security. I carried Seymour and Zooey and they only needed to test my hands, not do a full search when I went through with the dogs. Because I had dogs, I got a pre- boarding card so I am in the 3rd row. Luckily the flight wasn't filled so I put them under the middle seat while I sat on the isle. The crate sticks out a bit but no enough to be a safety problem, I guess. The dogs have been quiet the whole flight and have taken turns coming to the front of the crate to lay down. I was glad to see that because that meant they are still breathing. And yes, I am a bit of a worrier.

It is hard to see, but here is the crate under the middle seat. You can kinda see Zooey's white fur.

I would gladly fly with my two dogs again on Southwest. The price was reasonable at $75 a crate and it has been an easy experience.

Now we are hoping the purchasing of the camper is just as easy!

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Location:On Our Way - Thanks Southwest!

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