Monday, April 1, 2013

New Website Glitch, Airline Travel and Fostering Dogs

Well, so much for an easier website to use. I understand that people can't find it. So, we are back to this one for now. Since I haven't been blogging much, I wanted to cover a few topics. We have been at home for the last few month but are planning a few trips soon. I have been trying to figure out how I could travel with Seymour and Zooey on a plane. I haven't found any airlines that fly overseas that allows more than one pet in an under seat carry on. But I did find that Southwest Airlines allows 2 pets in one carrier if they fit in the right sized carrier and weigh less than 25 pounds total. I really can't see how even one 25 pound dog could fit in the size allowed, but maybe if they are small and muscular! Anyway, both of my dogs total approximately 12 pounds. I have a number of carriers that I am going to try out for size and fit. They have to be able to stand up and turn around in it. Also, the cost of traveling with a bet in the cabin is $75 per pet, each way. This is good compared to our overseas trip 2 years ago. We paid $150 going to Italy and $200 coming home. I'm not sure why there was a difference but since I wanted Seymour to come home with me, I paid. So the Southwest charge sounds reasonable. I can't think of anywhere I want to fly in the USA at this point, but it is good information. Our next trip will be either by car or camper. Fostering - I recently went to an animal shelter with my daughter. She was turning in her application to foster kittens so I wandered around the place, looking at dogs. It is not a good idea to look at dogs that need homes. But I heard myself back from scooping up another little one. I was drawn to a chihuahua mix that was the skinniest dog I have ever seen in person. You could see all of his bones, including his hip bones. I held him and he was calm. I asked about fostering him and they told me to fill out an application. I went home and started filling out the application with that dog on my mind. I called an hour later to be sure that dog was available for fostering. I just wanted to put a little meat on those bones and I felt that my dogs would do ok with him. I was told, by a different person that they don't foster little dogs and that this particular dog would probably be adopted quickly. This shelter only fosters puppies and big dogs. So, I wasn't able to take that sweet dog home and puppies or big dogs wouldn't work in our home. But I think that even if you don't want more dogs, or any permanent dogs or cats, looking into fostering might be the ticket.

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