Monday, February 23, 2015

A Bit Frustrated

Monday Afternoon -update

(I decided to take the vet's name out of this blog. I was frustrated when i wrote this.)

Okay, so I waited until almost 4 pm to get a call back from the vet to change Seymour's referral to the south location of the Specialty Hospital. I called twice and emailed and finally gave up and made the appointment at the north location with the neurologist. I realize The vet is busy - they said he was "swamped", but I made the decision to see the neurologist when overwhelmed with what I was told about Seymour on Saturday. Later, after talking to a few people, I realized I could probably get enough info through a cat-scan and talking to the doctors In the south location to know what to do for Seymour. But you can't change without a new doctor's referral and I couldn't get it. This was my final attempt through email:

I know the vet is busy and he doesn't have to call me, but could he call the south specialty Hospital and change my referral to them? I needed time to process all that he told me on Saturday. Seymour not only seems to have a brain tumor but something hurts him when I pick him up in his upper chest area. He can refer for whatever services he thinks we need there. If he could do that today I would be greatly appreciative. I would like to call them and get an appointment asap.
Feel free to email me his response. I just need to get Seymour seen.
Thanks so much,


I am disappointed that I couldn't get the appointment at the north Specialty Hospital until Thursday. I wonder if I could have gotten in sooner at the other location? The way Seymour is declining, I just hope he will last that long.

The good news is that I have been able to feed him his chopped food with a spoon and today he ate almost the whole 3 oz can.

I have taken him out to try to go to the bathroom numerous times today and so far, nothing. He seems to be most content in his bed, covered with a blanket on the couch beside me and Zooey. Yes, he is in there!!

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