Sunday, February 22, 2015

Seymour's Illness

Saturday night and Sunday, February 22,2015
Seymour wobbled to his bed and pretty much has stayed there.

I am back to sleeping on my sofa bed because Seymour had been able to climb the 3 stairs to the sofa until a few nights ago. I know he can't climb the steps to the 2nd floor bedroom and I was afraid he might get confused and fall down the stairs. I decided to move his bed onto the sofa with me so I wouldn't worry about him falling trying to get up the steps in the middle of the the night. He may not even try since he is so weak, but I didn't want to take a chance. It was a difficult night. I heard every moan, breathing problem and saw every twitch. He often just laid their with his eyes open and I would stroke him so he knew I was there. His nose was dry so I tried to get him to drink water. Maybe he couldn't see the water level, but he didn't drink. I finally put water on my fingers and in my hand and he drank that. I also got a little syringe and gently squirted water into his mouth. Who would have thought that I would be doing this 2 weeks ago? He has declined so fast!

At about 2:30 am Zooey wanted out of her crate so I carried them both outside, with Seymour still in his bed. I put him on the grass and he just sat there. We finally came back in the house but tried again at about 5:30 am. He then had a bowel movement but he can't push it out, he had to let gravity do it's job.
Exhausted, we all got back on the sofa bed and I read for awhile and intently watched Seymour before I could finally fall asleep. It was a long night with little sleep.
I decided that I would make sure Seymour continued to experience what he loved. I bundled both dogs up in our trusty pet stroller and headed out. Usually Seymour wants to walk but this morning he seemed confused and faced backward the whole time.

Zooey just lets him take up most of the the room and she squeezes in where she can. She never complains. She was a rescue and had been a used by another dog. Seymour is the only dog she is not afraid of. She is in love. Just before we got home, I let both of them out of the the stroller. Seymour had trouble walking and fell when he tried to lift his leg, but he did get a little pee out. It continues to break my heart to see him like this.

Later in the day, I opened a small can of Beneful chopped blended food. It is not their normal food but they both seem to like it and it is easy to eat. I fed Seymour with a spoon at first and he ate like a champ - in his bed of course. I finally put some food on a small plate for him and between the two of them, they finished the can. It was only a 3 oz can, but I felt like it was a big accomplishment.
I tried to let him out again but he only sat until I brought him back in the house.
He is now sleeping in his bed in front of a space heater I use just for the dogs. We will see what tonight will bring. As soon as they open in the morning, I will call the specialty hospital and hope they can see him soon.

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  1. Seymour we are praying that you get better!! we love you! mary,rick Shanon,cooper and shelby

  2. I love that dog. I'm so sorry Susan. I hope they can help him recover. I hope that baby feels better soon. McKenna

  3. Thank you both. I would love a miracle but I know I have to be realistic. I also love that little guy!