Monday, February 23, 2015

Seymour's Illness

Monday morning
Last night Seymour was whining and I would check on him but couldn't find anything wrong. Finally, as a last resort, I carried him outside. I have to stand him up and he usually doesn't move for a minute or so. Then he walked wobbly a few steps and went to the bathroom. He still has enough presence to know that he doesn't want to wet his bed.
I decided to let him sleep in his bed by the heater last night because he never gets out of it now. But at about 2:30 am I heard a little thud. I turned on the light and Seymour had somehow climbed the 3 steps to get on the couch. Unfortunately, 2 of his legs slipped between the stairs and the sofa and he was just sitting there, stuck. I pulled him up and then moved him beside me. I let Zooey come sleep with us, too. It was almost like normal with the dogs leaning against me. So soothing.

This morning, I decided that I probably should just go to the south Veterinary Specialty Hospital for his appointment and forego the neurologist but I found that, as with people, if the referral says neurologist, you can't switch without another referral. I am waiting for a call back from the vet to get his opinion on what I should do. Seymour definitely has a brain issue but he also has something wrong with his body since he sometimes yelps when I pick him up. I was hoping to have him seen today but that won't be a possibility now. I hope to get a call soon.

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  1. Susan,if you get too upset just go to the vet,and sit there until they tend to Seymour.The neurologist is not going to make him young,and it could cost thousands to hear the details.You are doing everything right ,Be Strong! Let him hear your voice and smell your breath it will soothe him.Sending Love,Lee