Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Good With The Bad

We had a pretty good night last night. Seymour slept beside me and whined a couple of times so I took him outside. I think he might have gone to the bathroom once. I actually got at least 6 hours sleep.
But, last night my daughter texted me about the class action Beneful lawsuit. Great, Seymour could only eat their blended food. She then saw that it was just for the kibble but that was all I needed to hear. I took some chicken out of the freezer to thaw and this morning cooked checken, carrots and brown rice and then blended it together. I started feeding Seymour with a spoon while holding the little bowl of food under it to catch the drippings. In no time, Seymour went at it in the bowl. It was wonderful to see. I still have to give him water with a syringe but I guess if it tasted like checken, he would lick that bowl!

We then took a stroller walk around the neighborhood and headed to visit our friends Jan and Betty. The dogs were both calm in the car.

Jan was the second person to meet Seymour after I adopted him. He has known Seymour just about as long as I have. He watched him many times when I traveled for work. I had to give Seymour another chance to be with his friend. Betty, Jan's wife, is a retired nurse and she graciously volunteered to come with me to Seymour's appointment. I graciously accepted. I told her that I will need her less emotional nurses side to be with me. She will try. Jan will watch Zooey while we are gone.

I decided to put an Easy-up canopy in my yard outside of my back door so both dogs could go to the bathroom where it is dryer, since we are anticipating rain. My friend Bandy came over to help. Both dogs stayed with him the night my daughter had her baby on Feb 13 and Seymour was like normal, except for a hearing problem. He was shocked to see that Seymour is pretty much immobile now. Of course I had to have a picture of him with my kids, I mean dogs.

Zooey is now totally freaked out by Seymour's whines. She doesn't like babies cries, either. Every time I took her out to the back yard, she would run to the farthest corner and hide there. I finally brought her back into the house and took down the gate to the second floor and let her hide there.

When we were coming home from Jan and Betty's, my neighbor who recently moved was back at her house with her dog, Coconut. Seymour and Coconut were great friends but when we put Coconut near Seymour she backed away. She didn't want to have anything to do with him. I feel that they sense illness.

The bad news is that even over the day, Seymour has declined. He can no longer stand, and although he whines to go out to go to the bathroom, he can't stand up to go. I put a pee pad under him and he is wetting it. I know he hates that.

I can't wait until our appointment tomorrow. I just need to know what is wrong or if I can do anything to help him. He is truly my best friend and you hate to see your best friend suffer.

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